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BBAG Medium Patchwork and Macrame Vegan Leather | Black

Colour: Black Croco / Black Croco


    Produced manually through a patchwork technique that consists of joining patches of two types of vegan skins.


    The BBag, name that comes from the design of the visor, is a very versatile bag due to its multiple possibilities of use. Its main handle is made up of several strips of vegan skin, braided together using the macramé technique.


    This bag has a macrame handle, as well as the application of adjustable chains, which work as a second handle, double or single chain. It also has the possibility of transforming into a clutch by removing all the straps.


    This model is ideally sized for everyday use and has an inside pocket. Versatility, elegance, irreverence and history together in one piece.

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