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Stay Rooted | Slippers

Colour: Black Croco / Black Croco
  • These slippers have a clean and sophisticated design , although bold in small details.

    There is an irreverence, contained,  through the gold-plated metallic toecap and the wide straps that tie the leg.

    The design of the entire piece is geared towards comfort and elegance.

    The sole being shallow and the tapes having a considerable width, make the Stay Rooted  very comfortable.

    This model gives you a more elongated silhouette due to its V-shaped toe cap*, the diagonal cutout of the piece and the extensive length of the straps that wrap around your leg.


    * In models with this V-shaped toe cap, the width of the instep area becomes proportionally narrower up to the toe cap.  Naturally, your foot will not enter all the way to the end of it.

    We ask for special attention if the physiognomy of your foot is wider, consider opting for the size above . Not neglecting our size chart, regarding the length of your foot.

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