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Born in a small village to take on the world. With a seamstress grandmother, an aunt linked to the arts and her mother to aesthetics, she realized early on that fashion was in her blood. Like many girls, Beatriz. Pacheco was fascinated with high-heeled shoes. Creative since she was a child, she made her own clothing and accessories. This passion for fashion and shoes grew up to be a serious occupation and she started pursuing her dream: to have her own brand. To Beatriz, shoes are a work of a art, an essential accessory, a collector’s item.


Beatriz Pacheco studied Fashion Design, at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, and did a specialization in Styling, at Pulp Fashion. She started her career in fashion magazines, but the desire to have something of her own was always the goal. She creates on impulse, invests in subtle irreverence, merges with her own brand. Focusing on the details, to details, she designs shoes for all women: elegant, modern, real. Shoes are her world. And they can be yours too.








Inspiration comes when it wants to and Beatriz Pacheco, the designer, lets it flow. The creative process is almost always on impulse, without the rigidity of the rules, but with the rigor of someone who knows what they want.


It is the in-depth research around differentiated materials, which leads to different inspirations. The best of each results in solid and irreverent models, which combine design with comfort.


The heel bosom is an author's leap, like someone signing a work of art. And it's also a statement, a statement, thought and designed to stand out - and above all, to stand out who wears it.


Veganism is not (just) a fad. It's a way of being. And he came to stay for himself, for us, for the world. This is the mission of the Beatriz Pacheco brand.


In our products, we combine quality and innovation with fair trade practices and respect for the environment. We want to go further in sustainability.

Freedom and equality are our core values and we believe that it is possible to follow trends based on a cruelty free policy. Respecting animals is not a condition, it is what moves us.


We don't want to be another brand, we want to make a difference. We create with passion. We dream of a better planet. We are vegan. We are real.



With a unique and exclusive design, Bosom Heel, through its contours, not only mirrors the  logo of the brand, as it represents the signature of the designer Beatriz Pacheco on her  parts.


It's an author's leap, like someone signing a work of art. A "statement", a  affirmation at your feet.


Thought and designed to stand out and, above all, stand out  who uses it.

Bosom, as an adjective - intimate, trustworthy, "symbol" of a rare feeling that only if  establishes by something or someone, really, singular and unique – this is the synonym of the connection  developed between the brand and the jump.

#BOSOMHEEL was born as an iconic element of the Beatriz Pacheco brand.


*Industrial Property Design

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