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Did you know that animal production worldwide is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than transport systems? In addition, every year, millions of animals are raised in small spaces, without hygiene conditions, subjected to abuse and slaughtered in a violent way to produce clothes, shoes and accessories.

Data: United Nations (UN) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

In contrast, research in the fashion industry has made it possible to produce vegan and cruelty free materials identical to those of animal origin, which are lighter and more practical. The Beatriz Pacheco brand believes that ethical and conscious fashion is not just the future. It is the present. We know that it is possible to respect animals and the environment and continue to follow fashion trends. This is what we believe. That's what we do. It is what we are. Stay vegan. Stay real.

We work as a team

with our factory


Proudly Portuguese, the Beatriz Pacheco brand is produced in the north of the country and seeks to combine tradition with modernity. It was born in a factory of family origin, which has more than 60 years of experience in the footwear industry and respects fair trade principles. Sustainability is another concern, when betting on small collections, with less waste and greater use of materials.

Recycled fibers are also used in some of the footwear components, in order to go further in an eco-friendly policy. The Beatriz Pacheco brand aims to ensure that its products and production processes are fair and honest to people and animals. Europe's sexiest industry will increasingly be eco-sexy.

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