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Exclusivity, Quality, History, Sustainability, Elegance, Irreverence.  They are the basic pillars of creating two unique pieces:

the BBags - a designation that derives from the original design of the visor, with an intimate and direct relationship to the signature of the brand's designer.

History and Environmental Awareness

The BBags are bags responsible for representing the launch of a new product, by the Beatriz Pacheco brand. These bags have an essence marked by History and Environmental Awareness.


They bring “to the top” the concepts of Slow Fashion and the reduction of manufacturing waste. Several artisans from the north of Portugal passed through the hands, appealing to the valorization of the traditional work of these professionals, in a process of reuse of prototypes and components used in previous Beatriz Pacheco footwear productions.


Initially, a process of deconstructing pairs of shoes and reusing materials was used, later, manual techniques such as macramé and patchwork were used to join all the patches, thus forming new material surfaces to finally produce new molds. for the construction of these two final products.

Aesthetically, they are pieces that speak for themselves. Its design conveys a harmonious balance between elegance, versatility and irreverence.

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